• Carmen Romano performs Tony Bennett through The Years, with Special Guest Erika Moul as Lady Gaga

Carmen Romano performs Tony Bennett through The Years, with Special Guest Erika Moul as Lady Gaga

Erika Moul Bio

Erika Moul has been performing since she was a little girl in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She always knew she wanted to entertain and refused to do anything else. She graduated with Honors in 2012 from Michigan State University receiving her Bachelor in Fine Arts from the  Nationally-known Theatre program. Erika played numerous roles throughout college, one in which she received a coveted ‘Best Leading Actress in a Musical’ Pulsar award for Legally Blonde as Elle Woods.

To raise money for her fellow students to pursue their theatre dreams, Erika began to impersonate her biggest inspiration: Lady Gaga. She always had a connection to Lady Gaga, her music, and her message of love, freedom, and acceptance; so portraying her onstage was very genuinely created and lived.

Through constant study of Gaga, Erika still today continues to articulate her craft by embodying Gaga’s essence of performance through her own experience.

Her alias as “Baby Gaga” made Erika a small town celebrity that eventually caught the eyes of Vegas, when she was brought in to Legends In Concert, the Longest running show in Vegas’ history!

She began performing all over the world, including Jakarta, Indonesia where Lady Gaga’s concerts had been banned.

Erika has since been recognized by Lady Gaga via social media and is often mistakenly published as Lady Gaga herself. She is very honored to have accomplished so much success titled as “The Best of The Best Tributes”  at such a  young age. 

Singing and playing 100% LIVE, Erika loves to prove that true talent is the ability to transform. She loves performing as Gaga, but mostly she loves performing as herself. Erika has also gone on to create her own persona onstage as The “SpitFire” in which she first performed as the opening act for Rock Legend Dennis DeYoung and continues to produce and perform to this day. Erika will always actively support the Born This Way Foundation as well as her own little monsters worldwide.